Transform your everyday life with our colourful range of Accessories!

Are you ready to add a burst of colour to your life? Explore our vibrant collection today and discover the joy of accessorising with Riley Burnett. Let's paint the world with beauty, one accessory at a time!


Elevate your style with our chic earrings showcasing a range of stunning artwork styles. Lightweight and versatile, they come with interchangeable sterling silver hooks/studs, adding a personalised touch to every ensemble.

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Neoprene "lunch" Bag

Our super cool lunch bags – are a colourful, funky addition to your picnic or workday. Not only can they keep your food cool, but the possibilities are endless; they can also double as a cosmetic or wet bag with ease.

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Glasses Case

Illuminate your daily routine with our vibrant glasses case. Whether you're looking to inject a burst of personality into your day or simply seeking convenience, our range has you covered. Explore our collection today and keep your sunglasses or glasses protected in style!

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Discover our latest lineup of stunning designer bandanas, featuring a captivating array of 10 unique artwork designs by the talented Jennie Riley. Bursting with vibrant colors and intricate details, these bandanas are more than just accessories – they're wearable art pieces that effortlessly elevate your style. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or add a touch of flair to your outfit, our collection has something for every occasion.

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Scarves and Sarongs

Our latest collection presents a range of gorgeous designer scarves, boasting five unique artwork designs by Jennie Riley. Radiating with stunning colors and intricate patterns, these beautiful pieces can be worn as scarves or sarongs, offering versatility and elegance for every season. Explore our collection today and discover endless styling possibilities!

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Introducing our vibrant lanyards, designed to keep you organised and make a statement, ensuring you never misplace your keys again. Whether you're a teacher, trainer, office professional, or teenage explorer, our lanyards have got you covered!

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