Our range of Riley Burnett products are designed for ultimate ease of use and maintenance. To keep them looking and feeling their best we have all the info you need to care for your product and give it the best life possible.

Keeping it clean

Our rugs are made from a very dense (tightly woven) and high quality Polyester. This makes the picnic rug not just waterproof and free from dirt,  but extremely easy to clean. 

Simply use a towel, paper towel or baby/alcohol wipes for the more dirty scenarios. They aren’t 100% stain resistant but do an exceptional job of not absorbing most things. To avoid long term staining just mop up any mess as soon as you can.

To clean the aluminium pegs simply run under warm tap water or wipe down with a cloth.

If your picnic rug gets damp or wet. We suggest making sure it is completely dry before packing it away into the drawstring carry bag. We suggest hanging over a fence,  laying in a warm place for the sun to dry or on the clothesline. This is to avoid mould and mildew growth which will cause bad bacteria to grow and an unpleasant odour to eventually occur.

If you forget to dry your picnic rug out after a damp picnic session then DO NOT BLEACH!

Using bleach on our picnic rugs can destroy not only the waterproof coating but also can change the colour of the prints. 

For extra tough cleaning power we suggest a product called - Curtain Magic Remover This product is tried and tested to clean when nothing else will!


Our picnic rugs aren't designed to be washed in a washing machine. Their extra large size means that they are a heavier weight than most traditional fabrics. The material we use to make our rugs is an extremely tight woven polyester which is made this way to repel water and other non toxic liquids. Additionally the 4 metal eyelets for the pegs may damage your machine internally. 


Excessive heat may melt some components of the rug in a clothes dryer. The metal eyelets may also cause damage to your machine internally. 


Do this at the coldest temperature your iron will go. We suggest temperatures of ironing 90 Degrees Celsius or less. DO NOT IRON the underside of the picnic rug as this may  melt the material.


Your picnic rug is not designed to withstand sharp on rough surfaces such as gravel. This may cause the underside to tear.

Our baskets are made from a high density, tightly woven, ultimate quality polyester for the exterior. The interior lining is a heat sealed PEVA material which repels most liquids (avoiding strong chemicals). We also line our baskets with the highest quality insulation material to ensure your food stays cold. 

The exterior of the picnic baskets can be cleaned with a damp cloth or baby/alcohol wipes. The material that we use to construct our picnic baskets are perfect for repelling stains and liquids. The interior is completely watertight, which means you can clean it with a household cleaner of your choice. 

DO NOT USE BLEACH or any chemicals that you do not want near your food source!

Cold/warm gentle wash with similar colours.

DO NOT BLEACH - this may harm the beautiful colour of your towel!

Dry on a flat surface to avoid creases or hang on a clothes hanger for a quicker drying time.

Use a warm Iron on the reverse side to the print side to avoid losing the bright and beautiful colours.

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