Jennie Riley

Jennie has been creating artworks for print her whole life. Her hand painted silks and hand finished knits used to sell exclusively to David Jones. These days she works from her studio in Lennox Head in Northern NSW, Australia making designer colourwares and fashion that add a splash of colour to homes and wardrobes all over Australia and internationally.

Share a colourful life

Colour is a wonderfully complex world. Nature and culture are in a constant collision of hue, tone, shape and texture that translate into feelings. Why do we feel the way we feel when we see a sunrise or a sunset? Why does shimmering water or an open fire mesmerise us? Why do some animal colour combinations bring smiles while others make us fearful? RileyBurnett explores and experiments within the world of colour to bring a little pleasure and brighten up all corners of life.

Life likes a colour punch.

We get it. Too much colour is garish and colour clashes can be horrifying but don’t be afraid to let colour punch through the shades of grey. Blacks, whites and neutrals will always be design classics - they should be the foundation of homes and wardrobes but if we forget to add a splash of colour, if colourless doesn’t become colourful then our serious sides might just win. Take a leaf out of nature’s book, strike an occasional colour blow to a world of neutrals and feel full of life with the wonderful energy it brings.

Try some colour catching.

An effortless and endless pastime that never ceases to conjure. Don’t just stop and smell the roses, stop and absorb their colours too. Every scene is a myriad of hues in constant flux as each react differently to changes in light. Colour catching is an innate creative process that dissects and mentally records the way certain combinations and collections work in harmony - it’s like a form of meditation - you should try it . The fun artistry comes in crafting the fragments back together in a way that creates or mirrors our feelings.

We make designer colourwares

We love applying our artworks to an array of everyday lifestyle items, fasion and jewellery. 30 years ago we never imagined seeing pieces on sun-umbrellas but they look so good out by the pool or in the garden, we couldn’t imagine it any other way. Our range of colourwares still contains handmade earrings and bracelets though now an original Jennie Riley extends to leggings, bean bags, picnic ware, bags, beach towels, tea towels and much more. Our range is growing all the time and if you have ideas for items please let us know.