Jason Burnett is the promotional and marketing force behind the international rise of Riley Burnett over the last ten years.

Jason began his professional career in Warrnambool, Victoria, where he ran his own hairdressing salon for 9 years.

Jason's vision for Riley Burnett has always been to "afford them the lifestyle to travel and the freedom to live where they choose" . It's not hard to understand why. Jason spends a large portion of his time travelling for the purpose of Riley Burnett's business, visiting some of the world's most exotic locations.

His taste for adventure, combined with his insight for business has lead Riley Burnett to flourish beyond his and Jennie's initial expectations, and with no sign of slowing down.

If you would like to know more about the designs and inspirations at Riley Burnett, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US, or why not come and visit the EMPORIUM, and see the design & production of our beautlful creations in action for yourself in our workshop.


Jennie Riley and Jason Burnett are the partnership that created Riley Burnett.

Their journey began in Italy back in 2004 where Jennie and Jason spent time creating a new range of jewellery, made from a range of semi precious stones and sterling silver sourced from their travels around Europe. Word of their creations swiftly spread throughout the Boutiques of Europe and on their return to Australia, Jennie and Jason established their workshop in Lennox Head, where they have been based for over 8 years.


Jennie continues to design pieces of stunning bespoke jewellery that is ever changing and evolving in its style and inspiration.

Jennie’s talents and artistic flare are represented through her art, fashion, textiles and perhaps most prolific of all, her jewellery. Jennies career started in fashion design and later transitioned into jewellery.

"Strong geometric shapes, striking colour and an organic influence are distinctive characteristics within my design. I love doing what I am doing. It is a privilege to do what you love"

Her work evokes a sense of colour and vibrancy that results in a fantastic array of unique pieces which are available across Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and more, as well as across the World.